Walnut Ladder (High) Barrel

$1,950.00 – $2,205.00


The Legacy Pilates Ladder Barrel is a non-adjustable, Maplewood, waist-high frame with a semi-circular padded mat on one end and two posts with rungs between on the opposite end. 

While working on alignment, the barrel excels in allowing individuals to reach their maximum range of motion without resistance or external pressure. It helps to anchor the lower body so the torso is free to reach its maximum range of motion. 


The Walnut Ladder Barrel not only uses special wood but also has the option to choose the varnish as well i.e: matte, semi-matte, or shiny. We also use stainless steel parts for all walnut items. 


Length: 110 cm
Width: 81 cm
Height: 95 cm

The price shown is the base price, it may change according to requests. 


Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and delivery varies from country to country. For our European customers, we can send their orders via roadway transportation. For our overseas customers, we can send their orders via air freight or by sea way.