1) For the Aluminium and Maplewood frames, the warranty is for 10 years. This does not include mechanical/replacement parts such as springs or wheels since they wear out from use and will need to be replaced in the future. 
2) The warranty does not include causing damage by usage such as scratches, tears, or using the wrong cleaning liquid for the upholstery. 
3) You can only use non-chemical and non-alcohol based cleaners for the best and long-lasting results such as liquid soft soap cleaners or organic surface cleaners.
4) The orders are sent out along with a warranty. Therefore, once you receive the order and notice some damage on your apparatus, you can get it replaced within 7 days as we can contact the shipping company about this. For this, you are supposed to provide us with photos of the boxes along with the damaged apparatus. Please note that the warranty cannot be availed after 7 days so it is best to open the boxes and check everything is fine as soon as you receive the order.