Wall Unit With High Mat

from  $2,050.00



The Legacy Pilates Wall Tower is a stand-alone unit, giving you the flexibility of using it with our high or low mats. It is perfect for compact spaces.


Each Wall unit with a High Mat comes standard with the following:

High Mat: 

  • Pair of moon boxes
  • A wooden pole (rubber caps included)
  • Webbing foot strap with pair of the double hook snaps
  • Kuna board
  • Belly strap without D-ring. 

Wall Unit: 

  • Pair of Leg Springs
  • Pair of Arm Springs
  • Roll Back Bar Assembly (Roll Back Bar with S hooks, pair of Roll Back Bar springs, 2 pairs of double hook snaps)
  • Pair of Aluminum & Wood Handles
  • Pair of Leg Spring Loops (webbing)
  • Pair of Push Through Bar Springs (bottom and top)
  • Set of Safety Chain 

        as standard.



Dimensions of the Wall Unit: 

Length: 53 cm (from wall)
Width: 76 cm
Height: 226 cm

Dimensions of the mat: 

Length: 203.2 cm
Width: 60.96 cm
Height: 11.43 cm