Maplewood Cadillac

$4,200.00 – $4,235.00

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The Legacy Pilates Cadillac is essentially a raised horizontal table-top surrounded by a four-poster frame on which various bars, straps, springs, and levers are fixed.

The Legacy Pilates Cadillac model comes with the following as standard:

-Kuna board

-Pair of leg springs

-Arm springs

-Pair of Push Through Springs

-Rollback bar assembly

-Pair of webbing loops

-Pair of aluminum handles

-Belly strap

-Pair of hanging fuzzies pair

-Safety Chains


The Legacy Pilates Cadillac is an apparatus that offers more than 80 exercises based on spring resistance. The benefits of exercising with the Legacy Pilates Cadillac include strengthening the core muscles while developing spinal flexibility, as well as toning of the shoulders, back, and other muscles.


Length: 208 cm (219 cm with Flanges)
Width: 65 cm
Height: 204 cm (209,5 cm with Slider Knobs)
Bed Height: 64 cm

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