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Low Mat Handles (Pair)

The Legacy Pilates Low Mat Handles are designed for our mats, the Low Folding and Low Rigid Mats. Sold as a pair.

Aluminum & Wood Handles (Pair)

The Legacy Pilates Aluminum Handles comes with wood grips and standard clip attachment.      


The Legacy Pilates 2x4 board is perfect for learning basic balancing exercises that will help improve your balance, alignment, posture, and strengthen your ankles, feet, and lower legs.  

Head Pillow

The Legacy Pilates Head Pillow for headrest provides extra comfort and support for the head during exercises. The Head Pillow slips right over our Universal Reformer's headrest. Assorted colors are available....

Airplane Board

Airplane Board is a favorite luxury among advanced students of Pilates, who like how it smoothes out their takeoffs on the Cadillac or Studio Wall Unit. When used properly the Legacy...

$130.00 – $180.00 Select optionsSelect options

Rubber Pads (Pair)

Dense and durable non-slip pads can be stacked to provide extra support, cushioning, and grounding.    

Double Hooked Snap (Pair)

The Legacy Pilates Double-Hooked Snap is a clip with a built in spring "snap" and 360 degree swivel. Sold as a pair.

Leather Reformer Extension Straps (Pair)

The Reformer extension straps are sold in 69cm.

Weighted Pole

The weighted pole is a stainless steel pole used with your short box, mat, and your spine corrector. 1 kg: 85 cm 2kg: 60 cm 3kg: 60 cm   The weight of...

$40.00 – $60.00 Select optionsSelect options

Upholstered Ladder Barrel Platform

The Legacy Pilates Ladder Barrel Platform is a padded standing platform to make use of the existing standing space within the Ladder Barrel.